Tenant Representation

Congratulations on your growing business in Lithuania. Now, let us find you the best home for your activity.

By choosing the tenant representation service, you will receive:
– thorough consultation;”
– Rental premises that meet your needs.

What the process looks like?


Understand your needs now and in the future. We sit down together and answer key questions: Why? Where? When? How much?


Looking through the market to find the best available options and give you detail analysis.


Together we choose the top option(s) and start the negotiation process. The goal is to sign the lease agreement in the best possible conditions.


The goal is just around the corner. Fit-out, plan the relocation, move-in and follow up.

Recent projects

Other services

Exclusive Brokerage

From detailed property analysis to document preparation and consultation – we take care of everything.


Would you like to get a consultation before buying or renting a property? We will provide you with detailed consultation and help you find the best solution for your needs. Contact us for more information.

Real Estate Management

Strategic, tactical, and periodic management of leased property and relationships with tenants.