Who We Are

Real Game is a commercial real estate consultation company.

Having more than a decade of experience in local and international real estate field we serve our clients looking for advice in tenant representation, exclusive brokerage and consultancy.

Real estate has become a passion for us, and we enjoy it like a game, where the only possible outcome is a win.

Tenant Representation

Congratulations on your growing business in Lithuania. Now, let us find you the best home for your activity. Just call us and we will guide you along by taking 4 equally important steps.

  1. Scout. Understand your needs now and in the future: We sit down together and answer key questions: Why? Where? When? How much? And many others.
  2. Start. Let us look through the market to find the best available options and give you detail analysis with benefits, costs, time, etc.
  3. Run. Let’s go together. Together we choose the top option(s) and start the negotiation process. The goal is to sign the lease agreement in the best possible conditions. And there is much more than only price/quality ratio.
  4. Finish. The goal is just around the corner. Fit-out, plan the relocation, move-in and follow up.

Exclusive Brokerage

  1. STUDY PROPERTY. Feasibility study is made to make sure that the property will be suited for the best tenant. The first step – understand a property, the next step – understand a surrounding business environment, last step – find the best possible use for a property.
  2. START. Let us look through the market to find the best available tenants, buyers or others.
  3. RUN. We know the process, we know negotiations, we know how to make sure, that customer would get 5 stars quality service and Your investments would be safe and guaranteed if something goes wrong with a tenants business.
  4. FINISH. Sign the contract and enjoy the best possible results


We believe, that you need good market knowledge and deep understanding of certain object before making property transaction, therefore we can consult:

  1. Specialised market reviews
  2. Market tendencies
  3. Sales/ rent price levels
  4. Analysis of neighbourhood and target object
  5. Investment valuations