Kaunas Industry Map

Class A, built
Map No.
31DPD terminal5,000Terminalo g. 7, Ramučiai, Kaunas dist.C11
32Lidl60,000Erdvės g. 41, Ramučiai, Kaunas dist.D12
40Kitron7,000Taikos pr. 151E12
41Mondelez12,000Taikos pr. 88E10
48Micro Matic10,000Taikos pr. 106OE11
Class B, built
Map No.
1MEG5,000Veiverių g. 51AI5
2Šilko sandėliai4,500Neries krantinė g. 16E5
3Pakalnės1,500Pakalnės g. 7COff map (N)
6Cramo4,000H. ir O.Minkovskių g. 87H6
13Brenntag11,000Palemono g. 171DD14
16Samsonas7,000Europos pr. 89I5
17Audimas8,000Raudondvario pl. 80F4
18Raudondvario 129A3,000Raudondvario pl. 129AF2
19Sanistal4,000Raudondvario pl. 129BF2
21Also10,000Verslo g. 6A3
24Peikko12,000R. Kalantos g. 49G10
25Draugystės 1422,000Draugystės g. 14F10
33Taikos 14512,000Taikos pr. 145E11
34V. Krėvės 120A2,000V. Krevės pr. 120AD11
37ITAB7,000Draugystės g. 12F10
38KOOP17,000Taikos pr. 98E10
42Taikos 98A4,000Taikos pr. 98AE10
46Liteksas44,000Draugystės g. 16F10
47Metalinis vilkas4,000Nemajūnų g. 19BH10
49Raudondvario 15020,000Raudondvario pl. 150E2
50Kauno duona14,000V. Krevės pr. 129D10
53Termopalas11,000Ateities pl. 34BF12
55KT valda15,000Palemono g. 171D14
Class B, planned/under construction
Map No.
12T. Masiulio 19A4,000T. Masiulio g. 19AH10
Class C, built
Map No.
4Freda35,000H. ir O. Minkovskių g. 98G5
5KG Group10,000H. ir O. Minkovskių g. 63H5
8Kauno baldai12,000Drobės g. 66I8
9Auto kausta4,000V. Krėvės pr. 128D11
10T. Masiulio 18F3,000T. Masiulio g. 18FH10
11Pramonės 4H22,000Pramonės pr. 4HF9
14Enepro15,000Chemijos g. 27BF10
27Taikos pr. 1494,000Taikos pr. 149E12
35Immensum3,500Ateities pl. 30BF12
36Inreal5,500Ateities pl. 45BE12
39Kauno tiltai10,000Ateities pl. 46D13
43KKL45,000R. Kalantos g. 49G10
44Betonika20,000Naglio g. 4G10
45Lemora10,000Technikos g. 8AE11
51Ateities 544,500Ateities pl. 54D13
52Serfas13,000Technikos g. 7CF11
54Palemono 53,000Palemono g. 5F12
56Palemono 2A6,000Palemono g. 2AF12
57Ateities 30A20,000Ateities pl. 30AF12

Our Services

Who We Are

Real Game is a commercial real estate consultation company specializing in tenant representation services.

Having more than a decade of experience in local and international real estate field we serve our clients looking for advice in office relocation, renegotiation, space selection & planning.

Real estate has become a passion for us, and we enjoy it like a game, where the only possible outcome is a win.

What We Do

Tenant Representation

Congratulations on your growing business in Lithuania. Now, let us find you the best home for your activity. Just call us and we will guide you along by taking 4 equally important steps.

  1. Scout. Understand your needs now and in the future: We sit down together and answer key questions: Why? Where? When? How much? And many others.
  2. Start. Let us look through the market to find the best available options and give you detail analysis with benefits, costs, time, etc.
  3. Run. Let’s go together. Together we choose the top option(s) and start the negotiation process. The goal is to sign the lease agreement in the best possible conditions. And there is much more than only price/quality ratio.
  4. Finish. The goal is just around the corner. Fit-out, plan the relocation, move-in and follow up.

Rules of the Game

Fair Play

In order to to keep our game simple, fair and long term competitive, we follow certain rules:

  • To represent tenants only; therefore avoiding conflict of interest by playing on both sides.
  • To add value to our clients by bringing best international experiences to local market.
  • To be a trustworthy, open and honest player in the market.
  • To love it! Do it with us and you’ll love it too.




+370 682 20728